Flavors & Fillings

Welcome! These are our Flavors & Filling List. They’re all delicious and made from scratch.

We cater for all occasions, so if there is anything you like that you can’t see, it doesn't mean it can’t be done. We'll be happy to help you!

For a tiered cakes you can have different flavors in each tier.

Popular  & Delicious Combinations

          - Almond Cake & Raspberry filling.

          - Birthday Cake. Yellow Cake / Chocolate filling.

          - Caramel Cake. White Cake / Caramel Cream and Caramel filling.

          - Chocolate Lovers Cake. Chocolate Cake / Chocolate filling.

          - Coco-Lemon Cake. Lemon Cake / Coconut Cream.

          - Cookies & Cream Cake. Cookies & Cream Cake / Chocolate filling.

          - Lemon Cake & Raspberry filling.

          - Oreo Cake. Chocolate Cake / Italian Buttercream with oreo cookies bits.

          - Choco-Peanut Butter Cake. Chocolate Cake / Peanut butter cream.

          - Tiramisu Cake. Mascarpone filling.

          - Vanilla Buttercream Cake. Vanilla Cake / Italian Buttercream.

          - White Cake & Almond Cream.


- Almond Cream.

- Cannoli filling (Ricotta Cheese with mini chocolate chips).

- Caramel filling (Dulce de Leche).

- Chocolate Cream.

- Chocolate filling.

- Chocolate Ganache (60%) filling.

- Chocolate-hazelnut filling.

- Coconut Cream.

- Cream Cheese.

- Italian Custard Cream.

- Italian Buttercream.

- Lemon filling.

- Mocha Cream.

- Raspberry filling.

- Strawberry filling.


- Almond cake.

- Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cake.

- Chocolate cake.

- Coconut cake.

- Cookies & Cream Cake (White cake / oreo cookies).

- Lemon cake.

- Orange cake.

- Fairy Cake. (white Cake with colorful sprinkles).

- Red Velvet cake.

- Spice cake.

- Strawberry cake.

- Vanilla Cake.

- White cake.

- Yellow cake.


Our delicious cookies flavor is Vanilla… Super tasty & no too sweet.

Gelatin Cakes

Our delicious Gelatin Cakes are a perfect combination of vanilla gelatin (white layer) and fruit flavor gelatins in many funny colors. It’s the perfect combination to share with your cake and friend!!!

Icing Options

Most popular cakes are covered with Fondant (vanilla flavor), but if you prefer Italian Buttercream (vanilla flavor) icing will be a pleasure to me make it.

Italian Buttercream is used on cupcakes tops.

Interior Designs

We also offer designs inside the cake to coordinate with the design of the exterior or just to have a fun cake! Please note: Interior designs are available at extra cost.

- Rainbow Print Cakes. Take a whirl around this magically colorful rainbow on the inside!

- Bicolor or tricolor Print Cakes. Show your wild side or just add stripes of colors inside your cake.

- Polka Dot Print Cakes. This bright polka dot pattern continues on the inside to “wow” your guests with colorful polka dots in each slice. What a colorful way to celebrate any occasion!

Signature Cakes.

- Piña Colada Cake. Pineapple Cake / Coconut filling.

- Red Velvet Cake. Cream Cheese with Chocolate Ganache.

- Tropical Cake. Yellow Cake / Caramel and pineapple filling.

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We love creating custom cakes, gelatins, cake pops, cookies and cupcakes in any style from scratch, using our own recipes and only the finest ingredients to ensure your cake looks as good as it tastes!
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